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AMP and how it impacts you

Introducing the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, for a faster, open mobile web!

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we access information, and today people consume a tremendous amount of information using their phones.  

Unfortunately many websites are not optimized for mobile web and as a result webpages takes too long to load and can be difficult to navigate due to improper layout on smartphones and tablets.  To solve this issue, last October, Google joined others across the industry on the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), an open source project to make the mobile web as fast as possible.

Google has stated that it will provide caching so that all AMPs will be cached by Google’s AMP cache.  The Google AMP Cache is a proxy-based content delivery network for delivering all valid AMP documents.  It fetches AMP HTML pages, caches them, and improves page performance automatically.  When using the Google AMP Cache, the document, all JS files and all images load from the same origin that is using HTTP 2.0 for maximum efficiency.

Our Genesis WordPress websites are hosted on a truly distributed clustered environment using Google Global Cloud allowing us to take full advantage of Google’s AMP cache technology.
If your Genesis website is mobile/responsive and hosted with Action Hosting, then it’s AMP compatible and we will ensure AMP compliance at no additional cost since Genesis websites hosted at Action Hosting receive free upgrade.

However if your Genesis website is not mobile/responsive or is not hosted with Action Hosting, please contact us to discuss an Action plan to ensure AMP compliance.

Thank you for choosing Action Hosting!
Your Action Hosting Support Team

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